Training Programs

The Institute has three programs to provide training to licensed therapists and professionals:

Analyst Training Program

Analytical Psychology, initially developed by C. G. Jung, focuses on the complexity of the human psyche and the life-long development of the self in dialogue with the personal and collective aspects of the unconscious. The theory and practice of Analytical Psychology makes use of symbolic material from the unconscious to deepen the individual’s sense of purpose and meaning as well as addresses the function of religious and spiritual experience. This therapeutic model focuses on the intersubjective and mutually transformative nature of the analytic relationship. The Analyst Training Program (ATP) prepares experienced, licensed clinicians to become certified as Jungian psychoanalysts through an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of analytical psychology grounded in personal analysis and clinical consultation. (Learn More)

Jungian Psychotherapy Program & Jungian Studies Program

The Jungian Psychotherapy Program (JPP) and the Jungian Studies Program (JSP) are unique and dynamic two-year programs in Analytical Psychology offered by the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. The JPP offers licensed mental health and social service professionals an opportunity to enrich and deepen their work through didactic and experiential learning in Analytical Psychotherapy. The JSP shares core curriculum with the JPP and offers professionals in other fields an opportunity to gain a comprehensive knowledge of analytical psychology to enrich and deepen their professional work. (Learn More)

Public Program

Educational programs in Jungian thought for therapists and the general public. (Learn More)