Facing the Gods: Archetypal Patterns of Existence

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Various Speakers. 12 hours 26 minutes. Audio.

Topics: Archetypes, Myth and Fairytale.

Facing the Gods: Archetypal Patterns of Existence

Experiencing the archetypes as personified gods and goddesses active in our lives reveals the great powers shaping our moods, choices, and actions. This course illuminates the Olympian stories that serve as reflecting pools where we, as psychic heirs of Greece, discover ourselves. By recognizing the gods and goddesses at work we can gain release from archetypally determined patterns. This audio series includes the following individual lectures:

  1. Preparing to Meet the Gods: The Soul Turned Inward - John Van Eenwyk
  2. Hera - Lois Khan
  3. Hermes - Murray Stein
  4. Demeter and Kore - Lucille Klein
  5. Athena - Anne Avery
  6. Zeus - Lee Roloff
  7. Aphrodite and Eros - James Wyly
  8. Dionysus - Caroline Stevens

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