Cultural, Political, & Environmental Chaos: The Necessity for Creative Transformation

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Cultural, Political, and Environmental Chaos: The Necessity for Creative Transformation

5 Fridays | October 6, 2017 – February 3, 2018 | 1-4pm

Presenters in this five-part series will discuss transforming and renewing our inner and outer worlds. Concepts informing these presentations include Jung’s evolutionary view of history, his ecological concept of the psyche, and the integration of shadow projections.  

C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago
53 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 438 Chicago, IL 60604 - MAP

Series:  $180 | Members $144 | $120 Students | 15 CEs ($30 fee)
Single Course:  $45 | Members $36 | $30 Students | 3 CEs ($15 fee)

October 6 | The Archetypal Weather and How to Deal with It | Boris Matthews, PhD, LCSW 
Drawing on Jung’s views and on archetypal astrology, we will consider both the broad historical perspective as well as the attitudes we need to develop and steps we can take to tolerate and survive the tumultuous times in which we live.

November 3 | Water is Life, Not Just a Commodity | Sara Sage, MS, LMHC, LPC
This presentation will explore the archetype of water especially from an indigenous view as well as conflicts over how water is viewed and used, and use film clips, music, poetry and experiential activities to engage participants in an exploration of our images of water – bright, dark and shadow – in order to explore our own need for creative flow and integration of spirit and matter.

December 1 | Call to Empathic Citizenship:  Bridging the Cultural Divides in the USA | Lynn Copp, PhD & Victoria Drake, PhD
This seminar is an overview of citizenship, using depth psychology, analytical psychology, archetypes and myth.  It will also show how the media create mythologies that influence our value system, without our realizing that psychic manipulation is at play. 

January 5 | Jung’s New Age Will Have an Ecological Framework | Dennis Merritt, PhD, LCSW
The magnitude of our social and environmental problems demand that we think in terms of a paradigm shift, what Jung in 1940 called a “New Age” and “the Age of Aquarius.” This New Age for the Anthropocene era will have an ecological framework best presented by a Jungian conceptualization of ecopsychology: how our perceptions, values, and behaviors affect the environment. 

February 2 | The Divine is Moving from Stable Parochial to Chaotic Universal | Tom Lavin, PhD & Mary Ellen O’Hare-Lavin, PhD
As we look at chaos in our modern world we realize the need for a metamorphosis through images of transformation.  What is going on in our world calls for a change in how we see ourselves and the divine politically, culturally and ecologically.