A Call to Empathic Citizenship: Bridging the Cultural Divides in the USA

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Cultural, Political, and Environmental Chaos III
A Call to Empathic Citizenship: Bridging the Cultural Divides in the USA
with Victoria Drake, PhD

December 1, 2017 | 1-4pm

Part 1 - The Archetypal Zeitgeist of Citizenship

Using myth as a way of reshaping and metabolizing the othering of the shifting historical time and place in which we find ourselves, we will work with the archetypal energies arising from the polarizing currents of our time, including synchronicity, initiation, chaos and rupture, the eternal adolescent and transformation.

The opportunity of these fractured, fragile states of America calls for a renewed assembling of cultural integrity and empathetic caring that is grounded in acknowledging the conscious/unconscious woundedness in us all. An empowered sense of shared shadow work and cultivating empathy towards Self and Other must be the basis for transforming unconsciously defined views on citizenship, patriotism, tribalism, and constitutional civic engagement.   

Part 2 - Citizenship Through the Lens of Psychic Manipulation

Jung understood that the European psyche was marked by its historical shadow of exploitation and manipulation.  

A similar psychic manipulation can be found in contemporary society, driven by our modern media.  The media's sale of false hope and paranoia threatens both our freedom and morality.

Advertising, social media, and the press work on an archetypal level to wield immense influence on fundamental concepts:  how to attain happiness, whom to like or dislike, what is true, what our relationship is to the natural world, and how to develop a sense of identity.

Depth psychology, analytical psychology and myth offer a critical coming to awareness, with the possibility of a rich collective dialogue and a new cultural narrative.


C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago
53 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 438 Chicago, IL 60604 - MAP

$45 | Members $36 | $30 Students | 3 CEs ($15 fee)

Learning Objectives
Attendees will be able to:
   1. Recognize how the media use archetypes to influence our value system, without our knowing that psychic manipulation is at play.
   2. Utilize creative alternatives to the chaotic and often paranoid vision of reality promoted by the media.
   3. Apply empathic citizenship in the practice of everyday life.

Victoria Drake, PhD is an academic, scholar, writer, editor, educator and social philanthropist. A Chicago native, she is a graduate of Harvard University followed by graduate work at Cambridge University, UK, University College London, UK (MSc. Studies in Environmental Economics) and finally, Pacifica Graduate Institute in California where she completed her PhD in Jungian Depth (Archetypal) Psychology. As a career international environmental conservationist, social justice advocate and ecopsychologist, she currently serves on the Institute’s program committee, is the Midwest Regional Alumni Coordinator for Pacifica Graduate Institute and on The Advisory Board of Surge for Water (based in Dubai & Chicago). She has taught Jungian-themed film classes at Facets Multimedia, Inc, written for several Jungian journals/conferences and served on a variety of local, non-profit boards throughout the past 25 years, including Openlands, Human Rights Watch, & The Art Institute of Chicago.