Obesity: A Problem of Western Civilization

Speaker: Woodman, Marion
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Marion Woodman.  1 hour 19 minutes.  Audio. 

Topics: Dreams, Gender and Sexuality, Mind and Body. 

Toronto analyst Marion Woodman lectures on obesity as a symptom of deeper problems at the cultural as well as the individual level, drawing on case work and dream interpretation to illustrate the impact on our psyches and so on our bodies of the loss of the feminine ideal.

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Marion Woodman is a Canadian mythopoetic author and women’s movement figure. She is a Jungian analyst trained at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zürich, Switzerland. She is one of the most widely read authors on feminine psychology, focusing on psyche and soma. She is also an international lecturer and poet. Woodman is author of Addiction to Perfection and The Ravaged Bridegroom.

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