Lukovich, Deborah

Dose of Depth Podcast | Self-Reflection in a Time of Conspiracy Theories: A Conversation with Vlado Solc, Jungian Analyst

Vlado Solc, member of the Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts, was a guest on Dose of Depth, a podcast by Deborah Lukovich, PhD that seeks to “explore the deeper meaning of ordinary life experiences through conversation, stories, and education”. From the episode description:

Enjoy my chat with Vlado Solc about what’s beneath the surface of fundamentalism and conspiracy theories. He is the author of (written in partnership with George Didier) Dark Religion: Fundamentalism from the Perspective of Jungian Psychology

Vladislav (Vlado) Šolc (pronounced “Schultz”) is a professional psychotherapist and Jungian analyst practicing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Vlado received training from the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago and Charles University in Prague. He is the author of five depth-psychology-oriented books: Psyche, Matrix, Reality; The Father Archetype; In the Name of God—Fanaticism from the Perspective of Depth Psychology; Dark Religion: Fundamentalism from the Perspective of Jungian Psychology and most recently Democracy and Individuation in the Times of Conspiracy Theories. 

Links: Vlado Solc’s Website | Vlado Solc’s Lectures Available on the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago Website

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