Health & Safety Guidelines for In-Person Gatherings

Personal Responsibility

Each of us who comes to the Institute or to an Institute event is responsible to safeguard one’s own health and the health of chose around us.

Participants in on site events are required to:

Health & Safety Policies

Everyone is responsible to one another to mitigate the spread of COVID. Please remember that. if infected, you or someone else may suffer very serious and unpredictable consequences. None of us would want to be responsible for unknowingly or thoughtlessly spreading an illness to the vulnerable.

Policies are subject to change at any time due to the unpredictability of the public health risks and changes in guidelines or requirements of the CDC and state and local health departments.

Even if you did everything required in advance of an event, shortly before the event you are responsible to visit the Institute website for the latest guidelines and rules.

Proof of Vaccination

All participants are required to show proof of vaccinations and all available boosters. Submit a copy of your vaccination, including boosters. Please fill out our COVID Vaccination Information Online Form, upload a photo proof of your vaccination and boosters, and e-sign our Informed Consent Agreement.

Exceptions: If you have a health condition that prevents you from being vaccination, please submit a letter from your physician stating the conditions under which you can safely attend in-person events where social distancing may not be possible. You will need to agree to test for COVID each morning before attending an event at the Institute. You will also need to sign the same form as other attendees.

Mask Wearing is Required.

Participants are required to wear a mask that meets CDC guidelines at all times while in the Institute. You are responsible to obtain the masks and bring them with you. Please be sure that your face covering is worn properly. Lecturers who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear a mask as long as they are socially distanced from participants.

No food and drink will be consumed within the Institute, although it is possible to take food and drink outside of the Institute suite and consume food and drink where social distancing is possible.

Exceptions to mask-wearing requirement. Members of small discussion groups, if all are vaccinated and symptom-free, may agree not to wear masks during their discussion.

Group events where food is consumed, such as formal dinners, require that participants are fully vaccinated and have signed the informed consent. Please note that these guidelines apply to any guests who accompany participants to a social event or dinner.

Whenever an exception to mask wearing is made, the individual takes full personal responsibility for the risk of COVID exposure.

Monitor Symptoms

If you experience flu-like symptoms, unusual congestion, or a fever, please consider that you may have a contagious illness, whether or not it is COVID. Out of consideration for the health of others, you are requested not to attend an event. In addition, a test for COVID is in order, and a negative test is required before resuming attendance.

COVID Testing

It is requested, though not required, that every participant perform a COVID test every morning before attending an event.

Reporting a diagnosis or positive test. If you test is positive, please report this promptly using the Self Reporting Form. You should self-isolate at home or in your hotel room for a quarantine period recommended by the CDC.

International Travel

We urge anyone traveling internationally to be fully vaccinated and to wear an N-95 mask in the airport and during the flight. Be sure to bring proof of vaccination with you. Although you are no longer required to test for COVID, we urge you to perform a COVID test prior to attending an Institute event.

Prior to travel to the United States, you are advised to consult:

Finally, bring up-to-date insurance information and be clear about what your health insurance covers when traveling out of country.

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