Jung in the World: Jung, The Mythology of Pan, and Panic Culture: Interview with Ryan Maher

In this episode, Patricia Martin interviews Ryan Maher, MA, LMHC, LCPC, and graduate of the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago’s Jungian Psychotherapy Program. In this discussion, they touch on:

  • Symbolism of the Forest in ancient and modern contexts
  • “Panic” and irrational states of mind
  • Paul Robichaud’s Pan: The Great God’s Modern Return
  • Self-regulation
  • Jung’s concept of reflection as an instinct
  • Dissociation from nature and instincts
  • Integration of the irrational
  • Transformation
  • James Hillman

Listener’s may be interested in Ryan’s presentation The Forest, The Witch & Pan – Psyche’s Need for Wilderness and Enchantment for the Myth Salon on YouTube, which is mentioned in this interview.

Ryan Maher, MA, LMHC, LCPC is a licensed psychotherapist and a graduate of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology where he concentrated his study on the treatment of trauma. Ryan works with individuals and couples navigating significant life changes, personal and relational conflicts, and feelings of purposelessness/lack of meaning. Specific concerns often include: depression, anxiety, grief, spiritual/existential crises, and impulsive/compulsive patterns. Ryan completed a two-year post-graduate training program in Jungian Psychotherapy and is certified in hypnotherapy. He is a member of The Breathe Network, the National Board of Certified Counselors, and the American Counseling Association. He is also an affiliate member of the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago and presents regularly at The C. G. Jung Center in Evanston, IL. More information about Ryan’s practice at TheInnerWorldTherapy.com.

Patricia Martin is a cultural analyst, consultant, and the author of three books on cultural trends. As a consultant, Martin has worked on teams at Discovery Communications, Dannon, Microsoft, Ms. Foundation for Women, Oracle, Unisys, The Art Institute of Chicago, and the New York Philharmonic, to name a few. Her work has been featured in the New York TimesHarvard Business ReviewUSA Today, and Advertising Age. A blogger since 2002, Martin was a regular contributor to Huffington Post during its start-up years. She earned a B.A. in English and sociology from Michigan State University and an M.A. in Irish literature and culture from the University College Dublin. Later, she built a foundation for her cultural analysis by studying Jungian theory and depth psychology at the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago, where she is currently a Professional Affiliate and member of the program committee. In 2017, she harnessed artificial intelligence to uncover the effects of the internet on our sense of self. A book on her findings entitled Will the Future Like You? is due out later in 2021. Martin speaks worldwide about cultural changes that are shaping the future and the impact of the digital culture on the collective. A native of Detroit, Martin works in Chicago and lives in an ancient forest near the shores of Lake Michigan with her husband and countless deer.

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Executive Producer: Ben Law
Host: Patricia Martin
Contributors: Judith Cooper & Daniel Ross
Music: Michael Chapman

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  1. Thank you so much for making this available.
    I am deeply envolved in a traumatic family situation and just listening to Ryan Maher was a leap to another level of existence.

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