A Chorus of Stones: The Private Life of War

1 Hour 32 Minutes
Transcript Included



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The traditional view of history in Western culture separates the private from the public realms, often relegating the private to trivial background. These two realms are roughly equivalent to the traditional categories of gender, masculine and feminine. Sexuality, intimacy, and emotional and family life are all considered part of the feminine and thus private realm. The public, masculine realm contains politics, economics, social structure, and, of course, major historical events such as war. Drawing from her award-winning book A Chorus of Stones, Susan Griffin challenges the apparent duality between private and public realms and restores a larger dimension of meaning to private life while revealing the secret significance of public events. In fusing the two realms she creates a radical new vision of both war and gender.

Part of the conference set Who Do We Think We Are? The Mystery and Muddle of Gender, recorded October 18-21, 1993.

Transcript: A Transcript PDF is included with the download. This transcript was created using automatic speech recognition and proofread by a human.

© 1993 Susan Griffin.
Ⓟ 1993 CG Jung Institute of Chicago.


Griffin, Susan

Over fifty years, through twenty books, one a Pulitzer Prize finalist, Susan Griffin has been making unconventional connections between seemingly separate subjects. Whether pairing ecology and gender in her foundational work, Woman and Nature, or the private life with the targeting of civilians, in A Chorus of Stones, she has shed a new light on countless contemporary issues, including climate change, war, colonialism, the body, democracy, and terrorism. Learn more at her website, susangriffin.com.



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