Jungian Perspective on the Tarot (level 2)

6 Class Course
9 Hours



Gain proficiency in reading tarot cards to answer a variety of questions.

In this live online course, we’ll focus on the reading of tarot spreads. The approach to reading taken in this course will draw upon Jung’s writings on synchronicity and divination.

We will focus on the link between the question, or the intention held in the mind while shuffling the cards, and the significance of the cards that comprise the spreads.

You will learn to tell a story based on the cards, their positions, and the relationships among them.

This level 2 course is about reading tarot spreads. Anyone who knows what tarot cards mean, can be part of this course. If you don’t know anything about the tarot yet, we suggest that you do the course ‘Jungian perspective on the tarot’, as that course is about interpreting tarot cards and you’ll learn about the meaning of tarot cards.


James, Ken

Ken James, PhD maintains a private practice in Chicago, Illinois. His areas of expertise include dream work and psychoanalysis, archetypal dimensions of analytic practice, divination and synchronicity, and ways to sustain the vital relationship between body, mind and spirit. He has done post-doctoral work in music therapy, the Kabbalah, spirituality and theology, and uses these disciplines to inform his work as a Jungian analyst. Education DIPLOMATE ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY: C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. (1993) DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN COMMUNICATIVE DISORDERS: Northwestern University. (1975) MASTER OF ARTS IN COMMUNICATIVE DISORDERS: Northwestern University. (1973) B.A. IN MATHEMATICS AND SPEECH: Northeastern Illinois University. (1971) Professional Organizations C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago International Association for Analytical Psychology Age Groups Adults Adolescents/Teens Children Treatment Types Individuals Couples Families Specialty Areas Hypnotherapy Contact kenjames@soulworkcenter.org 773.983.5448 In-Person/Telehealth: In-Person & Telehealth Main Office: 53 W Jackson Blvd #1403, Chicago, IL 60604



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