From Fantasy to Fate: The Transformative Power of Imagination



Various Speakers. 4 hours 55 minutes. Audio.

Topics: Active Imagination.

From Fantasy to Fate: The Transformative Power of Imagination

Jung called the imagination “the mother of all possibilities.” The capacity to imagine sets humans apart from the rest of creation, and provides us with an ability to heal what has been wounded and to create what has never been before. But the gift is not without danger. After imagination follows choice, the choice to live what we have imagined or to forgo the fate it carries. The imagination can paradoxically lead to healing and creativity or dead ends and destruction. This symposium aims to confront the participant with the puzzles and enigmas of the imagination as well as with the challenge to act that imagination poses.

This symposium includes the following lectures (Click on individual lectures to listen to samples):

  1. Imagination: The Mother of All Possibilities – Jean Shinoda Bolen
  2. Mapping the Imaginal Realm:  The Transformative Process in Therapeutic Work – Ken James
  3. Artistic Living: Imagination and the Healing of the Soul of the World – Robert Sardello
  4. Panel Discussion – Peter Mudd, Moderator

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Ⓟ 1998 CG Jung Institute of Chicago

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