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Various Speakers. 3 hours 44 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Archetypes, Family and Intimate Relationships, Myth and Fairy Tale, Ritual and Initiation, Society and Culture.

Founders Day Symposium 2017: Healing Trauma through Myth, Story, & Image

This Founders Day symposium, recorded on March 18th, 2017, focused on healing the trauma that “forces itself tyrannically upon the conscious mind”. We do not approach such healing naively as if trauma could be erased from awareness. Instead, we seek methods that might allow us, as Roger Brooke suggests, to embrace an embodied healing process that transcends insight or intellectual awareness. Our belief is that therapeutic methods incorporating myth, story, and image can act as powerful catalysts for an alchemical transformation. The result may be a new quality of consciousness that embraces the terrible reality of experience but within a context of profoundly felt meaning.

This symposium considered the ways these methods have been used by the three presenters: Roger Brooke’s use of story and ritual in his work with combat veterans; Corinne D. Peterson’s use of clay in her work with trauma survivors, and Kwame Scruggs use of myth to engage urban youth.

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The Mark of War on the Veteran’s Individuation Process – Roger Brooke, PhD
What we now call combat related post-traumatic stress disorder has been described and ritually address in all traditional warrior cultures as a moral and spiritual injury. Combat experience is best understood as an initiation onto the warrior’s path of moral and spiritual development through the lifespan. This offers dignity and direction to what is otherwise pathologized as a mental illness, with all the cascading negative consequences such stigma implies. The role of community in facilitating homecoming and transformation will be discussed.

Cairn & Cloud: Forming Clay and Transforming Trauma – Corinne D. Peterson, MSW
Carl Jung’s emphasis on image making as a powerful tool for individuals to engage the unconscious, underscores the design of the Cairn Project, and the Shaping Clay, Shaping Life workshops that are at its heart. As participants use clay to give form to their trauma as well as an inner light, their experience and perception of themselves can be transformed.  The kiln-fired rocks are piled to form a memorial cairn in a public space with the tokens of light hovering above. The light over dark installation is called Cairn & Cloud: a collective expression of trauma and hope.  In my presentation, I will discuss how the project was shaped to relate to a broad range of people throughout the Chicago area and beyond. I will share examples of how this process impacted individual participants and communities, as well as outline ways we hope to continue the transformative work of the project.

Using Myth to Extract the Gold Inherent in Our Youth – G. Kwame Scruggs, PhD
C.G. Jung called myths the first and foremost psychic phenomena that reveal the nature of the soul. What we will experience is the importance of providing a Temenos – the Greek word for “a piece of land cut-off from the rest of society as a sacred domain” – and the ability of myth to engage urban adolescent males, allowing them to express their deepest fears, concerns and hopes for the future. We will see how through the telling,discussion and analysis of myth they are being taught to become the hero in their own story.

Panel Discussion moderated by Steve Martz, DMin

Roger Brooke, PhD, ABPP is a Professor of Psychology and was the Director of Training in Clinical Psychology from 1994 to 2007 at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania. He was born in South Africa and educated at the Universities of Cape Town (BA), Witwatersrand (MA Clinical Psychology), and Rhodes (PhD) He has a small private practice and is a consultant Clinical Psychologist to Life Care Hospital. He is the author of Jung and Phenomenology and contributing editor of Pathways into the Jungian World. For more information about Roger Brooke and to read his papers visit rogerbrookephd.com.

Corinne D. Peterson, MSW grew up on a farm near Anoka, Minnesota, and attended North Park University in Chicago.  She earned a M.A. in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1980, and then developed a psychotherapy practice. While preparing to study Jungian analysis, her dreams about clay led her to take a clay class at Lillstreet Art Center.  Captivated by the possibilities of artistic expression with clay, Peterson took more classes, developed her skills, and shifted her career focus to art.  She was awarded several residencies at the Ragdale Foundation and was in residence at Tegelgården, Sweden and Taiwan Normal University.  Her studio is at Lillstreet, where she produces her sculpture, works with interns and teaches classes.  Peterson also has presented her work in many panels,  lectures, seminars and workshops. Peterson’s sculptures are in numerous private and public collections, including Kirkland & Ellis, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, Deloitte, Burrell Communications and Oakton College.  Her clay tile murals and mosaics can be seen at many Chicago area locations, including the CTA station at Roosevelt and State, Latin Middle School, Portage Park Senior Center and other Chicago Park District facilities. Peterson has exhibited throughout the country and in solo shows at The Cliff Dwellers in Chicago; Noyes Cultural Art Center and Dittmar Gallery at Northwestern University, Evanston; University of Notre Dame in Indiana and National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei.  Recent group exhibits include CSI at Art Chicago and Bridgeport Art Center,  Antonovych, Niespodziewana, Peterson at Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art and outdoor installations at Krasl Biennial Sculpture Invitational 2008-09, Chattanooga River Walk 2009-10 and Form in Flora at Garfield Park Conservatory 2010. www.cdpeterson.com – www.thecairnproject.com

G. Kwame Scruggs, PhD has over 20 years experience using myth in the development of urban male youth. He holds a Ph.D. and MA in Mythological Studies with an emphasis in Jungian Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Kwame also holds a MS degree in Technical Education with an emphasis in Guidance and Counseling from the University of Akron where he also completed all coursework for a Masters degree in Community Counseling. He has conducted numerous workshops on the use of myth to engage urban youth, presenting at C.G. Jung sites of New York, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. In 1993, after being formally initiated into the Akan System of Life Cycle Development (African-based rites of passage), Kwame became a Certified Facilitator of this process. In 2013 Kwame was presented with the first Wendy Davee Award for Service from The Pacifica Graduate Institute Office of Alumni Relations and the Alumni Association, which honored him for his many activities and achievements that embody Pacifica’s mission to “Tend the Souls of the World.” In 2016 he was one of three recipients presented with the University of Akron’s Black Male Summit Legacy Award. Kwame is a member of the National Guild for Community Arts Education and was selected for the 2014 class of CAELI (Community Arts Education Leadership Institute). Kwame has also served as a consultant for a project with the Joseph Campbell Foundation and as an advisor for the film, “Rites of Passage” by Warrior Films and is on the National Advisory Panel for Rutgers University-Newark’s Center on Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice. alchemyinc.net.

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