Insights of Egyptian Creation Myths

2 hours 10 minutes



Topics: Myth and Fairytale.

Creativity and Individuation: The Insights of Egyptian Creation Myths

This lecture examines some of the Egyptian genesis myths as a people’s musings on the embodied human life, the embraced creative process, and self re-creation through engagement with the inner and outer worlds in the work of consciousness.

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Image Source: Drawing by Daniel Hornschemeier Bandstra based on a tomb painting in Valley of the Kings, Thebes. From H. Haas, Bilderatlas zur Religionsgeschichte (Leipzig: 1923)

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Zabriskie, Beverley

Beverley Zabriskie, MSW is a Jungian Analyst in New York City, where she is a founding faculty member and former President of the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association (JPA). She is a frequent national and international lecturer, and is the author of numerous journal articles and book chapters, including “A Meeting of Rare Minds”, the Preface to Atom and Archetype. The Pauli-Jung Correspondence.(2001, Princeton University Press,) Her most recent essays include “Energy and Emotion: C. G. Jung’s Fordham Declaration” (In press, 2015, Spring Journal Books) in Jung in the Academy and Beyond: The Fordham Lectures 100 Years later, “Time and Tao in Synchronicity” in The Pauli-Jung Conjecture and Its Impact Today (2014, Imprint Academic); “Psychic energy and synchronicity” (April 2014, Journal of Analytical Psychology) As the 2007 Fay Lecturer at Texas A&M University, she presented the lecture series, Emotion and Transformation: From Myth to Neuroscience. She was named 2002 Psychoanalytic Educator of the Year for the International Federation of Psychoanalytic Education.



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