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  • 2020 In Turmoil: A Jungian Astrological Perspective

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  • Death of Christ and His Descent into the Underworld

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  • What’s Soul Got to Do with It? The Politics of Being in Institutional Life

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  • Exploring the Tarot as a Tool for Individuation

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  • Trauma and the Soul (Audio Only)

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  • Trauma and the Soul

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  • We are All on Fire: The Inevitable Trauma of Human Life

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  • The Balance Between Collaboration and Intervention

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  • Entitlement: Intolerance of Shame

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  • Navigating the Labrynth of Affect and Defense

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  • Awakening Lunar Consciousness: An Alchemical Perspective

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  • Death Panels: Our Cultural Complex Around Death

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  • They Had a Dream (We Have a Dream): C G Jung, Martin Luther King, Jr, and the Evocative Power of Symbols

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  • Healing, Psychosomatic Medicine, and the Judaeo-Christian Tradition

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  • Root, Uprooting, Rootedness

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  • King, Warrior, Magician, Lover

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  • Depth-Psychological Roots of Conspiracy Theories

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  • The Basics of Embodied Imagination

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  • The Return of the Archetypal Feminine and the Dawn of the New “Third”

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  • Jung and Tarot

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  • An Archetypal Life: The Music and Prophecy of Joan Baez

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  • The Power of Language and its Effect Upon Gender Representation

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  • Angels, Demons and Spirit Possession: New Perspectives on the Collective Unconscious and the Daimonic

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  • The Eternal Image: Exploring Ancient Myths in Modern Movie Classics

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