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  • Anima & Animus: Exploring the Internal and External Other

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  • Beyond the Red Book (Series)

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  • A Vision of the Self: The Gothic Rose Window as Mandala and Archetype

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  • Cosmos as Myth and Human Possibility

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  • Mythology of the Great Self Within

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  • Myth and Psyche: Introduction to Jungian Perspectives on Human Mythology

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  • The Pilgrimage of the Human Spirit in the Third Millennium

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  • On the Viability of Soul in Contemporary Organized Religion

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  • Tradition and Modernity: Two Paradigms

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  • Jungian Analysis and Spirituality

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  • Transformation in Jungian Analysis

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  • Visions of the Self: Perspectives from Analytical Psychology and Psychoanalysis

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  • The Resilient Spirit: A Buddhist Approach to Jung’s Psychology

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  • Strong Hans and Iron Hans: Discovery of the Deep Masculine

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  • The Soul in Anguish: A Depth Psychological Approach to Suffering

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  • The Divine is Moving from Stable Parochial to Chaotic Universal

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  • A Call to Empathic Citizenship: Bridging the Cultural Divides in the USA

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  • Water is Life, Not Just a Commodity: Jung and the Native American Soul

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  • Healing Trauma through Myth, Story, & Image

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  • Healing Trauma through Myth, Story, & Image (Audio Only)

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  • The Archetypal Weather Report and How to Deal with It

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  • Gather Up Your Brokenness: Love, Imperfection, & Human Ideals

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  • Encounters Within Self-Process

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  • Personally Transformative Encounters in Jung’s Life

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