Stutsman, Deborah

Deborah P. Stutsman, LPC, ATR-BC


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Deborah’s classically oriented analytic and therapeutic work has grown out of her experience with the profoundly dynamic, revealing and potentially integrative power of image as it arises from the unconscious in dreams, image making, the spoken, sung and written word, our encounters in nature, ritual, and in many other forms of expression.  In this relational work, she partners with each person to explore and help discern their individual path, using traditional talk therapy and dream work while emphasizing an experiential, embodied dialogue to encourage an unfolding awareness of each soul’s innate longing for discovery, growth, a place in the world and greater wholeness. Her background and training in studio art, design and art therapy help to center the therapeutic work in the creative container that is birthed when we truly pay attention to and, honor the gifts from the unconscious.

Deborah is a diplomate Jungian psychoanalyst and art psychotherapist and member of the Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts.  She holds a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis, a Masters in Art Therapy from SIUE, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She is a past president of the C.G. Jung Society of Saint Louis, an art therapist in the Psychology and Religion Program at the St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute, and an adjunct professor at the Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis.

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