Ulanov, Ann Belford

Ann Belford Ulanov, MDiv, LHD, PhD


Ann Belford Ulanov, MDiv, LHD, PhD is Christiane Brooks Johnson Professor of Psychology and Religion Emerita at Union Theological Seminary, and an analyst in private practice in New York City. She is a member of the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association, the International Association for Analytical Psychology, and the Editorial Advisory Board for The Journal of Analytical Psychology.

With her late husband, Barry Ulanov, she co-authored six books, including Religion and the UnconsciousPrimary Speech: A Psychology of PrayerCinderella and Her Sisters: The Envied and the Envying; and Transforming Sexuality: The Archetypal World of Anima and Animus. By herself she is author of sixteen books, among which are The Psychoid, Soul and Psyche: Piercing Space–Time BarriersKnots and Their Untying; Madness & CreativityThe Unshuttered Heart: Opening to Aliveness/Deadness in the Self; and The Functioning Transcendent. She is the recipient of many awards, among which are three honorary doctorate degrees, the Oscar Pfister Award from the American Psychiatric Association for distinguished work in depth psychology and religion, and the Gradiva Award for Finding Space: Winnicott, God, and Psychic Reality.


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