The Love Cure: Therapy and the Erotic Relationship

Speaker: Haule, John Ryan
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John Ryan Haule, PhD. 2 hours. Audio Download. 

Topics: Family and Intimate Relationships, Gender & Sexuality, Religion and Spirituality. 

The Love Cure: Therapy and the Erotic Relationship

It has become "politically correct" to view every manifestation of erotic feelings in therapy as "forbidden" and "inappropriate." In my experience, whenever therapy "works" it has a powerful erotic component. Instead of running away from erotic feelings in therapy, we have to learn to understand them. In their oneness, therapist and patient become powerfully meaningful for one another. By means of their distance, the therapist is able to articulate and value the deep identity of the patient. It is this recognition and "mirroring" which affects the cure. 

Learning Objectives
As a result of listening to this lecture you will be able to:

  1) Appreciate the problems and opportunities Eros brings to the therapeutic encounter.

  2) Appreciate the archetypal—and not merely personal—nature of this dynamic.

  3) Appreciate the transformation whereby anima and animus are converted from “mask” to “lens.”

  4) Grasp the nature of differentiating our archetypal response to another.

Recommended readings

  - J. R. Haule, The Love Cure

  - J. R. Haule, Divine Madness

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John Ryan Haule has a PhD in religious studies (Temple, 1973) and a diploma from the Jung Institute-Zurich (1980).  He is the author of numerous articles and eight books, including Divine Madness (1990, on romantic love), The Love Cure (1996, on eros in therapy), and two volumes on Tantra (2012).  For an extensive overview of his interests and writings, check out his website at

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