Male Anger and Sexual Addiction: Challenges for Shame Regulation (Audio Only)

Speaker: Compaan, Arlo
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Arlo Compaan, PhD.  2 hours 27 minutes.  Audio Download. 

Topics: Archetypes, Gender & Sexuality, Myth & Fairy Tale, Persona. 

Male Anger and Sexual Addiction: Challenges for Shame Regulation

American society idealizes the shameless Hero and Prince.  Consequently the regulation of feelings of embarrassment, humiliation and inadequacy is a particularly challenging task for males.  Rage/anger and sexual addiction are their attempts to avoid feelings of inadequacy and inferiority.   In this workshop participants will learn to identify the underlying shame that drives the Hero and the Prince.  They will learn to differentiate guilt from shame and primary shame from secondary shame.  Four different ways (personas) to not feel intense shame will be identified:  the Hero/Heroine, the Prince/Princess, the Masochist, and the Depressive.  Anger and sexual addictions are part of each style.  We will also consider how each is an attempt to heal the shame it covers and how eros energy is critical in the modulation of shame feelings.  A more contemporary ideal will be developed that will assist in the management of shame feelings for both males and females.

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Learning Objectives
This video will help you to:

  1. Differentiate shame from guilt and primary shame from secondary shame.
  2. Describe four typical behavior patterns that avoid intimate vulnerability and healthy shame.
  3. Explain rage/anger and sexual behaviors as often shame driven.
  4. Discuss the unique bind for contemporary males around shame feelings.

Arlo Compaan, PhD is a training analyst and a licensed clinical psychologist.  He has done psychotherapy/analysis for 40 years.  His expertise is in affect regulation with special attention to the dynamics of shame and shamelessness in males.  He has presented papers and workshops internationally and nationally on various aspects of shame.  He is director of and teaches in the Analyst Training Program, has co-directed and teaches in the Jungian Psychotherapy/Studies Program, and serves on the Executive Committee of the Institute.  He maintains a private practice in Chicago and Frankfort, IL.

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