The Culture of a Political Conflict: Up Close and Uncomfortable

Speaker: Matthews, Boris
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Topics: Complexes & Complex Theory, Society & Culture.

The Culture of a Political Conflict: Up Close and Uncomfortable

Cultural complexes can and do manifest as political conflicts. Since the 2010 election, several states could serve as case studies in cultural complexes in conflict and collision. Boris Matthews will provide insight into the manifestation of competing cultural complexes as lived out in recent political conflict in his state, Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin and other states, cultural complexes are manifesting as intense political conflicts. The election of Scott Walker as governor of Wisconsin, the legislative enactment of many of Walker's agenda items, the apparent rush to pass bills, and the influx of big out-of-state money have activated huge on-going protest and a recall movement. Informing the conflict are differing visions of what a civil society should be: the proper function of government, the responsibilities of individual citizens, and the role of big business and big money. These conflicts continue to rage not only in Wisconsin, but in other states, the nation, and the world in 2012. Jung pointed out that we all know we have complexes, but what we don't know so well is that complexes can have us. How do we step outside our cultural complexes? And why should we?

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The symposium Conflict and Collision: The Cultural Complex in Public Life  includes the following lectures:

  1. Civilization Still in Transition: Psyche in the World - Thomas Singer, MD
  2. The Culture of a Political Conflict: Up Close and Uncomfortable - Boris Matthews, PhD, LCSW, NCPsyA
  3. Shadow and Healing: The Power of Story - Rinda West, PhD
  4. Preoccupied: Collective Psyche, Individuation, and The Eight Stages of Social Movement - Ken Butigan, PhD
  5. Panel Discussion moderated by Ashok Bedi, MD


Boris Matthews, PhD, LCSW, NCPsyA
 graduated from the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago, and maintains a practice of analytical psychology in the Milwaukee and Madison, WI, areas. He is particularly interested in working with persons who recognize need to develop a balanced adaptation to the "outside" and to the "inside" worlds, work that involves awareness of the individual's psychological typology. Dreams, active imagination, and spiritual concerns are integral elements in the analytic work, the ultimate goal of which is to develop a functioning dialog with the non-ego center, the Self. He serves as the Director of Training of the Analyst Training Program, regularly teaches classes for analytic candidates, and conducts study groups in Madison as well as by video conference.

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