Preoccupied: Collective Psyche, Individuation, and The Eight Stages of Social Movement

Speaker: Butigan, Ken
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Ken Butigan, PhD. 46 minutes. Video & Audio Download.

Topics: Complexes & Complex Theory, Society & Culture.

Preoccupied: Collective Psyche, Individuation, and The Eight Stages of Social Movement

The emerging Occupy movement is constellating and engaging with dominant cultural complexes in US society.  This presentation will apply theorist Bill Moyer's model of successful social movements to frame and illuminate the intersection of potential collective and individual transformation in the unfolding life-cycle of this movement.

Ken Butigan has a Ph.D. in the historical and cultural studies of religions, with an emphasis on nonviolence in five religious traditions.  His teaching, activism, and research have focused, among other things, on the spiritual practice of social change.  In this presentation he will engage with Tom Singer's unpacking of dominant cultural complexes by exploring how the current Occupy movement may be bringing these complexes to the fore.  He will then present Bill Moyer's “movement action plan” and its eight stages of social movements ("Doing Democracy," New Society Publishers, 2001) and develop its psychological and existential implications for the emerging life-cycle of the Occupy movement and for our larger world..

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The symposium Conflict and Collision: The Cultural Complex in Public Life  includes the following lectures:

  1. Civilization Still in Transition: Psyche in the World - Thomas Singer, MD
  2. The Culture of a Political Conflict: Up Close and Uncomfortable - Boris Matthews, PhD, LCSW, NCPsyA
  3. Shadow and Healing: The Power of Story - Rinda West, PhD
  4. Preoccupied: Collective Psyche, Individuation, and The Eight Stages of Social Movement - Ken Butigan, PhD
  5. Panel Discussion moderated by Ashok Bedi, MD


Ken Butigan, PhD
 teaches in the field of peace, justice and conflict studies at Loyola University Chicago and DePaul University, and is on the staff of Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service.  For thirty years he has been an organizer in a series of social movements, from those addressing homelessness, the nuclear threat, freedom for East Timor, and US war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He is the author of Pilgrimage Through a Burning World: Spiritual Practice and Nonviolent Protest at the Nevada Test Site (State University of New Work Press).

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