Jung's Concept of the Animus

Speaker: Klein, Lucille
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Lucille Klein. 1 hours 39 minutes. Audio.

Topics: Anima/Animus.

Jung's Concept of the Animus

With the current debate over the nature and content of gender, Jung’s concepts of the anima/animus are being re-examined and, in some cases, reformulated or even discarded as a means of conceptualizing psychological life. This lecture is part of the set Views of the Animus, which includes the following lectures:

  1. Jung's Concept of the Animus - Lucille Klein
  2. Animus Images in Dreams, Myths, and Fairytales - Lois Khan
  3. Female Authority: Stages of Animus Development - Florence Wiedemann and Polly Young-Eisendrath
  4. Animus as Servant to the Self - Caroline Stevens
  5. Animus: A Non-Gender Perspective - Cathy Rives

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Lucille Klein, MA, NCPsyA is a Jungian analyst in Matteson, Illinois. Her essay on “The Goose Girl” appears in Psyche’s Stories: Modern Jungian Interpretations of Fairy Tales, vol. 2.

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