Jungians Speak About Jungian Women

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Various Speakers. 4 hours 50 minutes. Audio. Topics: Dreams, Gender & Sexuality, Jung's Life.

Jungians Speak About Jungian Women

Women’s contributions have been central to the development of Jung’s analytical psychology from its inception to the present. Their contributions include direct collaborations with Jung, amplification and interpretation of his ideas and original theoretical contributions to the field.

This special program includes lectures and discussion to explore the life, work, and influence of six Jungian women who have contributed significantly to the history of analytical psychology. The speakers are practicing analysts who talk about the ways in which these women have personally affected their own psychological and spiritual development and their work with clients. Through personal reflections and reminiscence of the speakers, listeners will come to know and appreciate the contributions of a wide range of Jungian women to the theory and practice of analytical psychology.

Topics and speakers included in Jungians Speak About Jungian Women are:

  1. The First Generation by June Singer - Available on the Jungianthology Podcast HERE
  2. Esther Harding by Mary Dougherty
  3. Helen Luke by Carol Donnelly
  4. Emma Jung by Carole Sorg
  5. Toni Wolf by Sue G. Rosenthal
  6. Marie-Louise Von Franz by Judy Shaw
  7. June Singer by Murray Stein

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