Spirituality and Psychological Type

Speaker: Christopher, James and Carole
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James Christopher, PhD and Carole Christopher, LMFT.   3 hours 54 minutes.  Audio.

Topics: Religion and Spirituality, Typology.

Spirituality and Psychological Type

Spirituality refers to the experience of encounter with the realm of spirit. Simply put, it describes the state we enter when we are in the presence of a greater, intangible, universal reality that has the capacity to transform life and to claim a loyalty to the experience that can defy rational explanation. Recognizing that spirituality is also a very individual and subjective matter, the spirituality framework developed by Jim and Carole Christopher provides a way to understand the diversity of spiritual experiences people have. Linking personality type, spiritual practices, support community and institutional backdrop, the framework enables any person to grasp better his/her spiritual dimension and to target areas for the growth and expansion of spiritual consciousness. This workshop is intended for persons interested in spiritual practice including clergy and lay spiritual leaders as well as those without institutional involvements. Utilizing Jung's theories of personality type and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the workshop examines the four functions-thinking, feeling, sensation, intuition- and the two attitudes - introversion and extraversion - to explore preferred spiritual practices. In particular, the workshop focuses on the importance of the inferior (least developed) function and highlights how the uncultivated, more unconscious aspects of the psyche can be a pathway to spiritual disclosure and renewal.

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James Christopher, PhD has a doctorate in Jungian psychology and counseling and is a visiting teacher at Hartford Theological Seminary. The author of the book Gifts Believers Seek, his latest research has led to the publication of a study on how to lead change in the introverted organization. He is a principal with Christopher Consulting.

Carole Christopher, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Bloomfield, Connecticut. She is the founder of Christopher Consulting, a management development consulting firm which provides a wide range of consulting, coaching, design, and facilitation services.

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