The Impact of Islam on the Collective Psyche

Speaker: Khan, Lois
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Lois Khan, MD.  6 hours 5 minutes. Audio. 

Topics: Religion and Spirituality.

The Impact of Islam on the Collective Psyche

As we are well aware from recent times, the Middle East challenges us to come to terms with very different ways of being. The countries which have most profoundly impacted America and the West—Iran and Iraq—are the seats of two major Islamic sects, the Shiites and Suuni. Holding great archetypal significance, the ancient religions of Iran and Iraq have deeply influenced the collective psyche of the region and of the world. Indeed, it could be argued that this geographic area is the cradle of patriarchal civilization. This course looks closely at the psychology of Islam and aims toward a clearer understanding of the cultures that challenge us to learn new ways of being human. Topics include:

• An Historical Overview of the Middle East, Islam and Muhammad
• The Meaning of Islam
• Agents of Change—Heroes, Heroines, Visionaries, Shamans, and their Dark Side—Terrorists
• The Impact of Islam on the World Psyche

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Dr. Lois Khan was a practicing psychoanalyst in the Chicago area and Tennessee for almost 50 years. She also taught at the University of Chicago, in addition to lecturing as a psychologist throughout the world.

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