Puer and Senex in Midlife

Speaker: Lavin, Tom
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Thomas Patrick Lavin, PhD. 1 hour 45 minutes. Audio.

Topics: Complex, Gender. 

Like a Donkey Between Two Bales of Hay: Puer and Senex in Midlife

Puer aeternus is Latin for eternal boy, used in mythology to designate a child-god who is forever young; psychologically, it is an older man whose emotional life has remained at an adolescent level. The puer typically leads a provisional life, due to the fear of being caught in a situation from which it might not be possible to escape. He covets independence and freedom, chafes at boundaries and limits, and tends to find any restriction intolerable. Senex ("old man"): associated with attitudes that come with advancing age. Negatively, cynicism, rigidity, conservativism; positively, responsibility, order, self-discipline. The elder pole of the spirit archetype. A healthy personality balances senex with puer. In this lecture, Dr. Lavin discusses the experience of Puer and Senex in midlife.

This lecture is part of the series Crisis or Creativity: The Nature and Challenge of the Second Half ofLife.

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Thomas Patrick Lavin, PhD is a Zürich-trained Jungian analyst who holds a PhD in clinical psychology and a PhD in theology. He was formerly chief clinical psychologist for the U.S. Army in Europe and is a founding member of the CG Jung Institute of Chicago. He is in private practice in Wilmette, Illinois, and consults internationally on typology, spirituality and addictions.

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