Gender, Power, and Love in Contemporary Relationships

Speaker: Stevens, Caroline
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Caroline Stevens, PhD, NCPsyA. 1 hour 6 minutes. Audio.

Topics: Anima, Gender and Sexuality, Intimacy and Family Relationships.

The Necessary Other: Gender, Power, and Love in Contemporary Relationships

This lecture is part of the conference Civilization in Transition, which includes the following lectures:

  1. The Soul in Exile - Marion Woodman
  2. Progress Without Loss of Soul - Theo Abt
  3. Sexuality as Identity - Ann Belford Ulanov and Barry Ulanov
  4. Shadows of the Female Self - Joan Chamberlain Engelsman
  5. The Ante Has Gone Up: The Conscience of the Post-Modern Artist - John Beebe
  6. Earth Fathers in the Collective Unconscious: A Transformative Archetype in Contemporary Society - Arthur Colman
  7. Necessary Other: Gender, Power and Love in Contemporary Relationships - Caroline Stevens

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Caroline Stevens PhD, NCPsyA has contributed chapters to The Chiron Clinical Series, Psyche’s Stories, vol. 2, Mirrors of the Self, and Same-Sex Love and the Path to Wholeness.

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Ⓟ 1987 CG Jung Institute of Chicago.

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