A Vision of the Self: The Gothic Rose Window as Mandala and Archetype

Speaker: Sibilla, Warren
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Warren Sibilla, Jr, PhD. 4 hours 20 minutes. Audio MP3 Download.

Topics: Archetypes, Religion and Spirituality, the Self

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A Vision of the Self: The Gothic Rose Window as Mandala and Archetype

Though the Gothic cathedral had its origins in the 6th century, it still powerfully expresses the "vertical" emphasis of Christianity. These grand structures were truly masterful creations, evidencing the most advanced artistic and technological skills of their time, and today remain sacred spaces unequaled in majesty. The crowing jewel of the Gothic cathedral is the rose window, an exquisite mandala (sacred circle) which conveyed key elements of the Christian myth in a manner understood by all strata of citizenry. Jung stated that the mandala images a psychic container in which the tension of opposites manifests in a stabilizing, yet dynamic balance. The rose window embodies this same "containing" capacity and bears witness to our human experience of spirit made manifest in art of the highest order.

This program will introduce participants to the Gothic cathedral: its architecture, its particular context in medieval culture and Christian history, and then focus on the art and psychology of the rose window. We will explore its origins in "painted windows" and "wheel windows," and examine the rose window as we know it today. Through slides and discussion, participants will be exposed to a vast array of examples of rose windows from around the world, with careful linkage to Jung's theory of archetype, especially emphasizing the nature of the Christian archetype. Participants will leave the program with a vibrant illustration of how Jung's psychology can illuminate and renew our appreciation of the life of the spirit.

Slides: This presentation originally included slides, but we have not been able to secure them. Because of that, we have chosen to make this recording free. 

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Warren Sibilla, Jr, PhD is a Diplomate Jungian Psychoanalyst with a clinical practice in Chicago, IL and South Bend, IN.  Dr. Sibilla served as the Director of the Clinical Training Program (2010 – 2014) at the Institute and teaches in their Analyst Training Program.  He is engaged in the study and practice of Zen Buddhism including authoring a book on the relationship between Zen Buddhism and Analytical Psychology as well as a paper formally exploring Jung’s 1958 dialogue with Japanese Zen Master and Philosopher Hisamatsu. Dr. Sibilla teaches in the Masters and Doctoral programs at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and The Institute for Clinical Social Work and facilitates silent contemplative retreats at GilChrist Retreat Center in Michigan. wsibilla.com

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