Navigating the Labrynth of Affect and Defense

Speaker: Kalsched, Donald
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Donald Kalsched, PhD. 1 hour 20 minutes. Video & Audio Download.

Topics: Archetypes, Transference, Trauma.

Navigating the Labrynth of Affect and Defense

In Blake's image of the good and evil angels fighting for a "child" we see the dramatis personae that make up an archetypal defensive structure I have called the "self-care-system."  This dynamic structure, which saves the soul at the expense of "possession by a Spirit", creates great difficulties in the psychotherapy of trauma survivors who often show a pathological attachment to their inner objects and intense ambivalence about the suffering necessary to come into being as whole persons. In this lecture we will explore this conundrum as it manifests in the transference, employing both clinical and mythological examples.

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The symposium Trauma and the Soul includes the following lectures:

Navigating the Labrynth of Affect and Defense - Donald Kalsched, PhD

Entitlement: Intolerance of Shame - Arlo Compaan, PhD

The Balance Between Collaboration and Intervention - Mary Jo Barrett, MSW

We are All on Fire: The Inevitable Trauma of Human Life - Barbara Friedman, PhD

- Panel discussion moderated by Steve Martz, DMin

Donald Kalsched, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist and Jungian Psychoanalyst in private practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is a senior training analyst with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts where he teaches and supervises. His 1996 book The Inner World of Trauma: Archetypal Defences of the Personal Spirit has found a wide readership in both psychoanalytic and Jungian circles and has been translated into many languages. Dr. Kalsched teaches and lectures nationally and internationally, pursuing his inter-disciplinary interest in early trauma and dissociation theory and its mytho-poetic manifestations in the mythic and religious iconography of many cultures.

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