We are All on Fire: The Inevitable Trauma of Human Life

Speaker: Friedman, Barbara
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Barbara Friedman, PhD. 56 minutes. Video & Audio Download.

Topics: Religion and Spirituality, Trauma.

We are All on Fire: The Inevitable Trauma of Human Life

Every human life has pain including birth trauma, developmental trauma and death. We all have to face life’s unpredictability and lack of consideration for our feelings. In our search for stability and safety we form elaborate defenses against our vulnerability and fear. We can interrupt this reactive cycle by connecting to the larger Self or ever present dynamic source. This new center can contain and comfort us. It can provide a way to relate to our complexes without being overwhelmed. If we realize that suffering connects us and that we are all in the same boat, we can develop deep compassion for all living beings.

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The symposium Trauma and the Soul includes the following lectures:

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Entitlement: Intolerance of Shame - Arlo Compaan, PhD

The Balance Between Collaboration and Intervention - Mary Jo Barrett, MSW

We are All on Fire: The Inevitable Trauma of Human Life - Barbara Friedman, PhD

- Panel discussion moderated by Steve Martz, DMin

Barbara Friedman, PhD is past president of the CG Jung Institute of Chicago, a Jungian analyst, a licensed psychologist in private practice, a certified addictions counselor, and a certified Yoga Instructor. She is the author of Partners in Healing: Redistributing the power in the Counselor Client Relationship and has published many articles on Analytical Psychology.

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