Psychotherapy & Spirituality

Speaker: Stein, Murray
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Murray Stein, PhD. 1 hour 40 minutes. Video & Audio Download. 

Topics: Individuation, Jung and Freud, Religion and Spirituality. 

Psychotherapy and Spirituality 

Despite his determination to keep psychoanalysis ’high and dry’ above the murky regions of "occultism", esoteric wisdom, gnosis, magic, and mystical experience, Freud accidentally opened the door to the world of spirit when he suspended directed thinking in favor of free association and dream images. From the beginning of the psychoanalytic movement, artists, poets, theologians, philosophers and other non-scientific and non-medically trained people have taken part in its practice and theorizing. They have been drawn to it not primarily because of its mechanistic and scientific claims, but because it delves into the mysterious sources of creativity, imagination and the irrational creation of order.

In this lecture, Murray Stein presents ways that spirituality gets into the therapeutic process and raises questions about the differences and similarities between psychological and spiritual development.

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Murray Stein, PhD is a training analyst at the International School for Analytical Psychology in Zurich, Switzerland. His most recent publications include The Principle of Individuation, Jung’s Map of the Soul and Jungian Psychoanalysis (editor). He lectures internationally on topics related to Analytical Psychology and its applications in the contemporary world.

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