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The Archetypal Weather Report and How to Deal with It

Boris Matthews, PhD, LCSW. 2 hours 37 minutes. Audio MP3 Download.Topics: Archetypes and Archetypal Theory, Astrology, Jung's life, Religion..

The Culture of a Political Conflict: Up Close and Uncomfortable

Various Speakers. 48 minutes. Video & Audio Download. Topics: Complexes & Complex Theory, Society & Culture.The Culture of a Pol..

The Divine is Moving from Stable Parochial to Chaotic Universal

Tom Lavin, PhD & Mary Ellen O'Hare-Lavin, PhD. 2 hours 29 minutes. Audio Download. The Divine is Moving from Stable Parochial to Ch..

The Suppression and Re-integration of the Feminine Divine in Christianity

Thomas Patrick Lavin, PhD. 3 hours 30 minutes. Audio.Topics: Archetypes, Gender and Sexuality, Religion and Spirituality. Artemis and Aphrod..

Understanding and Healing Addictions

John Giannini, MDiv, LCPC, NCPsyA.  4 hours 19 minutes.  Audio.  Topics:  Addiction, Mind and Body.  Understanding ..
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