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Analysis and Individuation

John Van Eenwyk, PhD. 1 hour 45 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Individuation, Psychotherapy.  Analysis and Individuation A descrip..

Trauma and the Self: Combat Experience, Individuation and the Communalization of Trauma

Roger Brooke, PhD.  2 hours 22 minutes.  Video & Audio Download. Topics: Archetypes, Dreams, Phenomenology, Trauma.&..

Exploring the Tarot as a Tool for Individuation

SOLD OUT 2019-2020 Public Program SeriesIntersection: Spirit of the Times with the Spirit of the Depths Today the “Spirit of the T..

Fairytales, Individuation in Later Life, and the Return of the Inner Child

Allan Chinen, MD. 1 hour 14 minutes. Audio. Topics: Life Cycle, Myth and Fairytale. Fairytales, Individuation in Later Life, and the Return ..

Preoccupied: Collective Psyche, Individuation, and The Eight Stages of Social Movement

Ken Butigan, PhD. 46 minutes. Video & Audio Download. Topics: Complexes & Complex Theory, Society & Culture.Preoccupied: Collect..

The Path is the Goal: Walking the Way of Individuation

Ken James, PhD. 6 hours 30 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Archetypes, Complexes, Individuation, Shadow, the Collective Unconscious.The Pat..
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