Beyond the Gates of Consciousness: Dream Analysis in Clinical Practice

Online Only
Vlado Solc, LCPC, Jungian Analyst
Sept 12, 19, & 26, 2024 | 5:00-6:20pm Central Time
4 CEs Available

To create a safe and confidential container for discussing dreams, this program will not be recorded.



In this course, participants will learn fundamental concepts of Jungian theory related to dream analysis and practical techniques for its application. They will gain the ability to articulate Jungian ideas, understand psychological phenomena, analyze dreams, interpret symbols in various contexts, and apply these skills in clinical practice and daily life. Additionally, the Dream Interpretation course will provide participants with the opportunity to explore their own dreams and those of their clients in a confidential setting.

Learning Objectives
This course is intended to help participants:

  1. Understand fundamental concepts of Jungian theory as they relate to dream analysis, active imagination, and the like, enabling participants to articulate these ideas.
  2. Develop practical skills in interpreting symbols within the context of dream analysis, allowing participants to apply these techniques to their own dreams and those of their clients in clinical settings.
  3. Apply Jungian principles and dream analysis techniques to develop ability understanding and relating to their dreams in their clinical practice and everyday life.

Suggested Reading

  • C. G. Jung. (1974). Dreams, Bollingen Series, Princeton University Press.
  • Stein, M. (2020). The Bible as a Dream. Chiron Publications.
  • Corbett, Lionel. (2001). Spirituality Beyond Religion. Sounds True Publications.



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