Audio downloads are in MP3 format. Sets of MP3s will be downloaded as a ZIP package to simplify the process. Open the ZIP archive and copy the files to your preferred folder on your computer. From there they can be added to your iTunes library if desired. If handouts were used as part of a program they will be included if available. If not, it will be mentioned in the item description.

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The Warrior Within

Robert Moore, PhD.  7 hours 11 minutes.  Audio Download. Topics: Archetypes, Gender & Sexuality.  The Warrior Within..

The Way of the Sly One: Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, & Jung

Ken James, PhD. 6 hours 34 minutes. Audio.Topics: Gurdjieff, Transcendent FunctionThe Way of the Sly One: The Psychology of Our Possible Evo..

Theology as Psychology: A Jungian Approach to the Bible

Robert Segal, PhD. 4 hours 46 minutes. Audio. Topics: Religion and Spirituality. Theology as Psychology: A Jungian Approach to the BibleThis..

Tolkien: An Archetypal Expedition into Middle Earth

Ken James, PhD and Matthew Spitzmueller, PhD, LCSW. 9 hours 56 minutes. Audio Downloads.Topics: Archetypes, Art, Myth & Folk Tale, Relig..

Understanding and Healing Addictions

John Giannini, MDiv, LCPC, NCPsyA.  4 hours 19 minutes.  Audio.  Topics:  Addiction, Mind and Body.  Understanding ..

Understanding the Meaning of Alchemy

Murray Stein, PhD.  9 hours 15 minutes.  Audio.  Topics: Astrology, Alchemy and the Occult.  Understanding the Meaning o..

Understanding, Accessing and Regulating Psychic and Spiritual Energy

Robert Moore, PhD. 6 hours 51 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Transformation. Transforming Fire: Understanding, Accessing and Regulati..

Views from the Self

James Hall, MD.  1 hour 52 minutes.  Audio.  Topics: Archetypes, Self, Self-Psychology.  Views from the Self: The Archet..

Water is Life: Jung and the Native American Soul

Sara Sage, MS, LPC, LMHC. 2 hours 22 minutes. Audio Download.Cultural, Political, and Environmental Chaos IIWater is Life, Not Just a Commod..

West Meets East in Jung's Psychology: A Dialog (Audio Only)

Various Speakers. 4 hours 54 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Archetypes, the I Ching, Individuation, Mind and Body, Religion and Spirituali..

Wholeness & the Lost & Recovered Soul (Audio Only)

Donald Kalsched, PhD.  1 hour 27 minutes.  Audio Download. Topics: Dreams, Self-Psychology, Trauma. Wholeness and the Lo..

Zen Buddhism

Diane Martin, PhD. 2 hours 34 minutes. Audio.Topics: Religion and Spirituality. Zen BuddhismJung described the world religions as the “great..
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