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The Mind, Body, and Spirit of Depression

Ken James, PhD and Michael Rockwell, MD. 6 hours 11 minutes. Audio.Topics: Depression, Psychotherapy. The Mind, Body, and Spirit of Depressi..

The Mother Hang-Up and Masculine Resistance to the Spirit of the Feminine in Marriage

Murray Stein, PhD.  1 hour 14 minutes.  Audio.  Topics: Gender and Sexuality.  The Mother Hang-Up and Masculine Resistan..

The New Myth of Meaning

Edward Edinger, MD. 1 hour 20 minutes. Audio.Topics: Science and Cultural Studies.The New Myth of MeaningClick Here to Listen to a Sample ..

The One and the Two: Gender, Identity, and Relationship

Robert Moore, PhD & Caroline Stevens, PhD, NCPsyA. 11 hours 48 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Collective Unconscious, Gender and Sexua..

The Path is the Goal: Walking the Way of Individuation

Ken James, PhD. 6 hours 30 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Archetypes, Complexes, Individuation, Shadow, the Collective Unconscious.The Pat..

The Pilgrimage of the Human Spirit in the Third Millennium

Huston Smith. 1 hour 18 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Ritual and Initiation, Religion and Spirituality. The Pilgrimage of the Human ..

The Power of Language and its Effect Upon Gender Representation

Joyce Bogusky, PhD.  1 hour 1 minute.  Audio Download. Topics: Gender and Sexuality, Society and Culture. The Power of L..

The Psychology of Fairy Tales

Various Speakers. 10 hours 35 minutes. Audio.Topics: Archetypes, Myth and Fairy Tale. The Psychology of Fairy Tales“Fairy tales are the pure..

The Psychology of Satan: Dark Side of the Self

Robert Moore, PhD. 6 hours 40 minutes. Audio. Topics: Religion and Spirituality, Shadow. The Psychology of Satan: Encountering the Dark Side..

The Red Book (Audio Only)

Various Speakers. 13 hours 18 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Active Imagination, CG Jung, Religion & Spirituality, Self and Self-Psych..

The Religious Function of the Self

June Singer, PhD. 2 hours 1 minute. Audio. Topics: Self and Self-Psychology. The Religious Function of the SelfJungian analyst June Singer p..

The Return of the Archetypal Feminine and the Dawn of the New “Third”

Laraine Kurisko, PhD, LP. 2 hours 38 minutes. Audio MP3 Download.Topics: Alchemy, Anima/Animus, Collective Unconscious, Family and Intimate ..

The Structure of Psychological Revolutions

June Singer, PhD. 1 hour 8 minutes. Audio. Topics: Analytical Psychology. The Structure of Psychological Revolutions: 25th Anniversary of th..

The Suppression and Re-integration of the Feminine Divine in Christianity

Thomas Patrick Lavin, PhD. 3 hours 30 minutes. Audio.Topics: Archetypes, Gender and Sexuality, Religion and Spirituality. Artemis and Aphrod..

The Trickster Archetype: Potential & Pathology

Robert Moore, PhD. 3 hours 36 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Archetypes. The Trickster Archetype: Potential and PathologyRobert Moore lead..

The Warrior Within

Robert Moore, PhD.  7 hours 11 minutes.  Audio Download. Topics: Archetypes, Gender & Sexuality.  The Warrior Within..

The Way of the Sly One: Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, & Jung

Ken James, PhD. 6 hours 34 minutes. Audio.Topics: Gurdjieff, Transcendent Function.The Way of the Sly One: The Psychology of Our Possible Ev..

Theology as Psychology: A Jungian Approach to the Bible

Robert Segal, PhD. 4 hours 46 minutes. Audio. Topics: Religion and Spirituality. Theology as Psychology: A Jungian Approach to the BibleThis..

Tolkien: An Archetypal Expedition into Middle Earth

Ken James, PhD and Matthew Spitzmueller, PhD, LCSW. 9 hours 56 minutes. Audio Downloads.Topics: Archetypes, Art, Myth & Folk Tale, Relig..

Tradition and Modernity: Two Paradigms

Huston Smith. 1 hour 18 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Cultural Studies, Religion and Spirituality. Tradition and Modernity: Two Para..

Transformation in Jungian Analysis

Murray Stein, PhD. 1 hour 4 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Transformation. Transformation in Jungian Analysis Transformatio..

Understanding and Healing Addictions

John Giannini, MDiv, LCPC, NCPsyA.  4 hours 19 minutes.  Audio.  Topics:  Addiction, Mind and Body.  Understanding ..

Understanding the Meaning of Alchemy

Murray Stein, PhD.  9 hours 15 minutes.  Audio.  Topics: Astrology, Alchemy and the Occult.  Understanding the Meaning o..

Understanding, Accessing and Regulating Psychic and Spiritual Energy

Robert Moore, PhD. 6 hours 51 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Transformation. Transforming Fire: Understanding, Accessing and Regulati..
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