Benjamin Law

Creative Services Manager

Having worked at the Institute for almost 10 years, Ben has developed an interest in improving our digital infrastructure to include podcasting, social media, and creating as seamless an online experience as possible.

Ben manages public program online listings and evaluations, all CEs, class A/V support, and all other technology aspects of the institute. He publishes advertisements, both physical (flyers, postcards) and digital (web postings and online ads). He is the Institute's webmaster, creator of the website, the Jungianthology Podcast, the online library catalog, and all new digital projects at the Institute. He edits and uploads recordings of classes to our online store and provides customer support should you have issues with your purchase or download.

Ben is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and has been a professional dancer for over 10 years. More information at

Amy Ornée

Program Coordinator

Amy is an avid arts enthusiast and trained copy editor. Since joining the Institute in 2016, her focus has been on improving the experience of students through refining administrative processes.

Amy handles applications, attendance, maintenance of student information, distribution of syllabi and readings for classes, and evaluations of faculty, for both the Analyst Training Program and the Jungian Psychotherapy and Studies Programs.