Checkout Errors & Troubleshooting

Add to cart Error: " says Error Undefined"

This happens when you are on a URL beginning with http instead of https. Change the prefix on the page address to https to solve this issue.

Checkout Error: "Validation failed: ShipToState incorrect or missing"

This happens for two reasons:

1) Currently there is an issue with our payment module and international orders - the module cannot process the State/Province information for addresses outside the US until we get this resolved, we can process international orders in two ways:

1) To use our checkout, enter the Institute's address as your shipping address and you will be able to proceed through the checkout page (your payment will still go through as long as the credit card information, including the security code, is correct). The address is:

    - 53 W Jackson Blvd.
    - Chicago, IL 60604

2) Add all the items to your shopping cart and send an email to that you would like to pay by invoice. We will email you an invoice you can pay and then we will add the content to your account for download.

2) Your address may have a typo in the ZIP field. Please check your address in the account page to make sure it is correct.
    - Go to My Account > Address Book Entries to edit your address.
    - Make sure that the ZIP/Postal Code field only has five (5) numbers and no spaces. Do not use the ZIP+4 code.

If you still have issues email