Opening ZIP files

To simplify the download process, sets of audio files are packed into a single ZIP archive. This way you only have to download one file instead of 10. You need to be able to open, or "unzip", the archive in order to access the audio mp3 files.

- For PCs and Macs, no special software is needed to open ZIP files. When you open the file, select the contents and drag them to any folder on your computer. From there you can add them to your iTunes library or play them directly.

- For Android, use your built in file manager to extract the archive.

- iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) is restrictive about downloading files and opening them. We recommend downloading the ZIP archive to your computer, extracting the files, adding them to iTunes, and syncing with your iOS device to add them.

1) After downloading the ZIP, double-click on it to open it. 

2) Then select all the files inside and drag them to your desktop or another folder the "extract" them.

3) From there, the files can be played or added to a music library like iTunes.

4) Once they are in your library you can add them to your iPhone or iPad.