Guidelines for Ethical Conduct & Standards for Professional Practice

The C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago has established the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) which endeavors to resolve complaints of ethical violations alleged to have been committed by members of the Institute to provide consultation to members concerning ethical principles/to protect-the public with whom members have a professional relationship, and to aid the Institute and its members in achieving the objectives as reflected in its Bylaws. 

All members of the Institute are expected to be in compliance with the contents of the code of ethics of other professional groups to which they belong, with the code of ethics for psychoanalysis formulated by the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis, and with the laws of the State(s) in which they practice. Accordingly, all members of the Institute shall agree that final disciplinary decisions of the Professional Standards Committee shall be referred to an appropriate State and/or regulatory body.

Rules & Procedures for the Professional Standards Committee

These Rules and Procedures have been established to protect the rights of both complainants and respondents, to provide fair consideration and due process for all parties, and to maintain the standards of the Institute. The PSC shall endeavor to take actions toward members found in violation of the guidelines for Ethical Conduct of the Institute that are just, educative, and constructive rather than punitive in character. At the same time, the primary concern of the PSC shall be to protect the public against harmful conduct by members.

Submit an Ethics Complaint

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