Cosmos as Myth and Human Possibility

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Robert Moore, PhD. 6 hours 25 minutes. Audio Download.

Topics: Myth and Fairy Tale, the Self.

Cosmos as Myth and Human Possibility

More and more people are beginning to raise the question of whether it is realistic to hope for the continued viability of our home planet. Jungian analyst and author Robert Moore (King, Warrior, Magician, Lover) leads a workshop examining the cross-cultural mythology of the struggle for Cosmos, for a just and peaceful world order, a struggle that has fascinated our forebears for thousands of years.

In addition to analyzing the central characteristics of the mythology of Cosmos, this workshop examines the ties between selfhood and world-making, inner work and outer engagement, personal dreaming and the world future. It concludes with a reflection on the significance of this mythology for our contemporary efforts to envision a viable human and humane future in a sustainable ecological environment.

The first session of this series is available for free through the Jungianthology Podcast.

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© 1993 Robert Moore.
Ⓟ 1993 CG Jung Institute of Chicago.


Moore, Robert

Robert Moore, PhD was Distinguished Service Professor of
Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Spirituality in the Graduate Center of
the Chicago Theological Seminary where he was the Founding Director of
the new Institute for Advanced Studies in Spirituality and Wellness. An
internationally recognized psychoanalyst and consultant in private
practice in Chicago, he served as a Training Analyst at the C.G.
Jung Institute of Chicago and was Director of Research for the Institute
for Integrative Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy and the Chicago Center
for Integrative Psychotherapy. Author and editor of numerous books in
psychology and spirituality, he lectured internationally on his
formulation of a neo-Jungian psychoanalysis and integrative
psychotherapy.  His publications include THE ARCHETYPE OF INITIATION: Sacred Space, Ritual Process and Personal Transformation; THE MAGICIAN AND THE ANALYST: The Archetype of the Magus in Occult Spirituality and Jungian Psychology, and FACING THE DRAGON: Confronting Personal and Spiritual Grandiosity.

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