Jung in the World | The Inner Realm of Imposter Syndrome: A Jungian Perspective with Susan Schwartz

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Imposter Syndrome seems ubiquitous in the collective. This episode explores the psychological underpinnings of the “as-if” personality through a Jungian lens. Host Patricia Martin talks with author and Jungian analyst Susan Schwartz about the inner world of Imposter Syndrome and why the same forces that can disturb personal development, can also provide the impetus to embrace a more complete self. Schwartz draws from her recent book, Imposter Syndrome and The ‘As-If’ Personality in Analytical Psychology.


From Shreya Dave, JSP Graduate and Chair of Development | March 13, 2024

The first time I walked into the classroom at the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago, I was struck by the Circle of Friends candle holder. Such a wonderful symbol of people coming together to protect the flame! A group standing up, arms around one another, encircling the flame of individuality, the flame of Individuation. This image has stayed alive for me.

In the times of crisis, protecting this flame feels more important than ever. I recently graduated from the two-year Jungian Studies Program, which was challenging to say the least, but was the most rewarding undertaking. It acted as a catalyst to understand myself better by bringing shunned and ignored aspects to the surface and by holding the pain, helping me to discover my strength.

I invite you to join the Circle of Friends by donating to the Institute this Spring. Through my experience, I assure you that your contribution will really make a difference to individuals and help them move closer to wholeness.

Please give whatever you can!

Shreya Dave
Chair of Development
C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago

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Jungian Ever After | Introducing the Greek Pantheon


Our first episode of season 2! In a way this is episode 0 because it is an introduction to the members of the Greek pantheon and some of our opinions on them.


Jung in the World | Approaching Carl Jung’s Red Book: Liber Novus with George Bright

Register for George Bright’s In-Person Seminar “Where Did Jung’s Red Book Come From and Why Does it Matter?”

Jung regarded his Red Book: Liber Novus as the record of “the numinous beginning, which contained everything.”  In his lifetime, Jung only showed this book to a handful of trusted colleagues whom he thought truly grasped the nature of the book’s vivid confrontations with the unconscious. Its publication in 2009, and translation into many languages, now gives us all the opportunity to engage with it. In conversation with Patricia Martin, the internationally respected Jungian scholar George Bright discusses how and why Jung wrote and painted his Red Book, and draws out key themes that help us understand Jung’s encounter with his soul as chronicled in the Red Book. Bright suggests why reading the enigmatic work may be worth the effort in service of our own transformation.


In Memoriam: Shirley M. Fontenot

Shirley M. Fontenot was born on May 25, 1935, to Curtis and Marie (Ortego) Fontenot in Villa Platte, Louisiana. She was one of the youngest of six children. She lived in University City, MO, with her long-term partner, Rose.  Shirley was a “small” extraordinary woman. She became a Catholic nun, entering the convent immediately after high school.  She taught first grade for 16 years and often said her finest education came by way of the many children who passed through her classroom. During her time in the convent, she also earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education.  

Shirley left the order after 26 years and moved from Louisiana “Cajun Country” to Chicago to pursue her interest in Jungian Psychology.  During the next 20 years, she completed master’s degrees in both Pastoral Studies and Divinity, as well as a doctorate in ministry, and worked as a psychotherapist. In 1993 she earned a diploma as a Jungian Analyst and enjoyed this profession for nearly 30 years. She was engaged in some form of formal education for one-third of her life. She semi-retired at age 87.


Call for Proposals | Fall 2024 Online & In-Person Programs

The C. G. Jung Institute Chicago welcomes proposals for programs of interest to the general public that explore Jungian thought, including the emotional and psychological issues of contemporary living, from a creative, symbolic, or spiritual perspective. Using the online form you can propose an event, lecture, or workshop to offer in person or virtually. All proposals will be considered for fall 2024. The submission deadline is April 30, 2024.

Update: the form is now closed. Join our mailing list to be informed when we accept proposals again.

Jung in the World | Tell Me Something Beautiful: An Interview with Natalie Goldberg

Register for Patricia’s In-Person Writing Workshop “The Inner Prompt”

Bestselling author and practicing Buddhist Natalie Goldberg joins Patricia Martin in a discussion about the healing properties of writing and how it helped her heal from cancer.


Institute Archive | Excerpt: A Fresh Look at the Red Book with George Bright

This episode is a short excerpt from the first session of our currently-running salon series, “A Fresh Look at The Red Book: Reading the Liber Novus with Jungian Psychoanalysts”. The salon series runs from January through June, and registration remains open. Those who register will receive a link to videos of previous sessions to catch up.

George Bright will also be visiting the US in May for an in-person seminar, Where Did Jung’s Red Book Come From and Why Does it Matter?. Join us for this rare opportunity.


Vlado Solc | QAnon: Eclipse of the Soul

“In an odd way, the conspiracy theorist’s view is both frightening and reassuring. It is frightening because it magnifies the power of evil, leading in some cases to an outright dualism in which light and darkness struggle for cosmic supremacy. At the same time, however, it is reassuring, for it promises a world that is meaningful rather than arbitrary. Not only are events nonrandom, but the clear identification of evil gives the conspiracist a definable enemy against which to struggle, endowing life with purpose.” (Michael Barkun 2003)

Odysseus’ Shipwreck

In the Homeric Opus, the embattled and traumatized Odysseus is shipwrecked at Ogygia Island: “Then, all at once Zeus thundered and hit the ship with a lightning bolt. Smitten by Zeus’ bolt, the ship spun around and was filled with sulphurous fumes. My shipmates fell out of the ship, and, like seahawks, they were carried by waves past the black ship” (Homer, 1871, p. 12.407–19).

Jung in the World Didier Solc Episode Banner

Jung in the World | Fundamentalism’s Dark Side: A Jungian View with George Didier & Vladislav Šolc

Two Jungian analysts discuss fundamentalism, shadow, and a new way forward. George Didier and Vlado Šolc, authors of the book Dark Religion: Fundamentalism from the Perspective of Jungian Psychology, join Patricia Martin for a conversation about the psychology of religion as a destructive force and why it is important to understand the shadow side of fundamentalism.


The C. G. Jung Club of Orange County | Unique Messages from the Self: Hexagrams from the I Ching Appearing in Dreams with Dennis Merritt (Video)

Dennis Merritt, Jungian analyst and member of the Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts, presents on hexagrams from the I Ching, a Chinese book of wisdom, that demonstrated synchronicity by the way they appeared in the dreams of a Western man in Jungian analysis. Discussion topics included using the I Ching in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy; a synchronicity experiment with the I Ching; shamanism, Native American spirituality and the origins of the I Ching; the archetype of the Trickster in conjunction with AI and Donald Trump; Pachamama, Earth spirituality and indigenous cultures; and Christianity contrasted with Chinese wisdom, Taoism and the yin/yang symbol.

The 3-hour event was sponsored by the C. G. Jung Club of Orange County [CA] on January 21, 2023.  Please consider joining or donating to this organization that makes the presentations freely available.

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