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First, thank you for considering submitting a testimonial. Your contributions will help us communicate to our prospective students how our programs, and Analytical Psychology, can help them grow in their practice and life. It also helps us appeal to donors by sharing stories of those in our community of learners.

What format: For our purposes, a video works best. This will allow us to take just the audio and use that for the podcast, or use text for our emails. However, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with video, so audio or text are also acceptable.

What to talk about: If you are a clinician, please talk a little bit about your own practice, the populations you work with, and how the Institute has changed your practice and helped serve your clients better. If you are in leadership, please talk about how you believe the work of the Institute serves individuals, communities, and the field of psychotherapy and the broader culture.

How to share your story with us: You can record a video or audio of yourself using your smartphone (we also accept Word documents if you prefer to write something). Then click the upload button below and select the files you want to share. That’s it! .

Consent: By submitting a testimonial, you are giving your consent for the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago to use it for fundraising appeals and program brochures/advertisements.

Thank you so much for your support!



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