Where did Jung’s Red Book come from and why does it matter?

In-Person Only
George Bright, Jungian Psychoanalyst
Friday, May 17, 2024 | 1-4pm
Sheraton Suites Chicago Elk Grove (Shuttle Service from Ohare Airport by Rainbow Transportation)
3 CEs available

We plan to record this program and will make it available for sale at a later date.

Registration closes May 10



We are pleased to welcome guest speaker George Bright, a Jungian Psychoanalyst from the United Kingdom who provides an inspiring fresh look at the Liber Novus (Red Book) of C. G. Jung.  Our Red Book Reading Series of salons from January through June are intended to provide an opportunity to prepare for George Bright’s public program on May 17, 2024.  It will take place at the Sheraton of Chicago in Elk Grove Illinois from 1p-4p.  As George Bright himself sets the aim of the seminar in May:  

“(i) To trace the origin of Jung’s post-1916 new concept to its Liber Novus and Black Books origins  (ii) To clarify, in the light of where it comes from, what Jung intended by it  (iii) To consider and share experiences of how we use this clarified understanding of Jung’s signature concepts in clinical practice.” -George Bright

Learning Objectives
This course is designed to help you:

  1. Locate the genesis of the signature concepts of analytical psychology in their Liber Novus and Black Books contexts.
  2. Draw on an understanding of the newly available foundational documents of analytical psychology to clarify how Jung intended his new concepts to be understood and used.
  3. Consider the implications of a clarified understanding of analytical psychology for the practice of psychotherapy.

Instructor Bio

George Bright was educated at Cambridge University and The London School of Economics. He is a Training & Supervising Analyst of the Society of Analytical Psychology and a co-founder of The Circle of Analytical Psychology, a London-based group engaged in the study of Jung’s Liber Novus and Black Books. He works in private practice in London. His 1997 paper Synchronicity as a basis of analytic attitude won the Michael Fordham Prize.

Image: File:The Red Book – Liber Novus.jpg – Wikimedia Commons



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