Workshops & Clinical Training

Public Continuing Education Programs and our Training Programs are open to clinicians who are seeking greater knowledge about Analytical Psychology and its applicability to clinical practice. Continuing Education credits are available for licensed clinicians.

Public Programs

The Public Program Series presents lectures in which a Jungian analyst or scholar makes use of insights from Analytical Psychology to address an identified psychological problem facing our contemporary world. Lectures often include film clips and mythic amplifications to deepen the experience of participants.

The Founders' Day Symposium is an annual day-long event dedicated to the founders of the Jung Institute of Chicago to celebrate their vision of providing both professional and public education in Analytical Psychology. The Founders' Day Symposium features a prominent analyst or scholar in Analytical Psychology as a key-note speaker to address a particular psychological issue relevant to contemporary life. The day-long event includes presentations by two other speakers as well as the participation of audience members in experiential groups, meditation, or panel discussions. It is held in March and registration opens in January.

Memories, Dreams, Reflections: Exploring the Depths

This is a six-month-long online program currently in its pilot phase. In this monthly weekend program, Jungian analysts and experts will introduce the major themes of Analytical Psychology as Carl Jung developed them across his life, beginning in his early 20s and ending in his 80s. Through presentations, facilitated large and small group interaction, and paired experiential exercises, we will explore these themes from Jung’s writings in relationship to the events of his life and then connected to our contemporary experiences.

Jungian Psychotherapy Program

The Jungian Psychotherapy Program (JPP) is a two-year, one-weekend-a-month program that offers licensed mental health and social service professionals an opportunity to enrich and deepen their work through didactic and experiential learning in Analytical Psychotherapy. Participants will learn what it means to think and conceptualize symbolically from a Jungian perspective. 

Analyst Training Program

The Analyst Training Program (ATP) is a multi-year training program that prepares experienced, licensed clinicians to become certified as Jungian Analysts through an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of analytical psychology grounded in personal analysis and clinical consultation. The theory and practice of Analytical Psychology makes use of symbolic material from the unconscious to deepen the individual’s sense of purpose and meaning as well as addresses the function of religious and spiritual experience.