Scholarship recipient Frank Buckley
shares how important Jungian training was for his work in gang rehabilitation
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From the President
Our times are so full of change and confusion that one can feel like these poor creatures from the Clavis Artis, a mysterious late 17th century alchemical text signed by “Zarathustra.”...
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In Memoriam
Don Troyer
In Memoriam
James Wyly
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  • Jung in India 2024: Jungian Encounter with the Wounded Soul of India

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  • Dream Imagery Constellated by the Analytic Process


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  • The Alchemy of Gender


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  • Jung, Jungians, & Homosexuality


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  • King, Warrior, Magician, Lover


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  • Jung & Tarot


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  • The Archetype of Sacrifice and the Regulation of Archetypal Energy


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  • Madness, Religious Experience, & the Wisdom to Know the Difference


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  • The Way of the Sly One: Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, & Jung


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  • The Sevenfold Path to Wholeness: Tarot Meditation and Divination Techniques


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  • Understanding the Meaning of Alchemy


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