Letter from the President | November 21, 2022

I write on a splendid fall day in Chicago when my immediate world—and the Jung Institute—feel full of hope and promise! On September 10, 2022, we resumed in-person classes and gathered for a joyful dinner and graduation ceremony for the new analysts who graduated during COVID.

I can report that our podcasts and online courses were sought out by people worldwide during the pandemic, and they remain popular. As of October 2022, the podcast has had 928,701 listens across 96 episodes.   We average 20,000 listens a month from users all over the world – from 112 countries in September 2022.

We currently have four shows running on our podcast channel:

  • Institute Archives – selections from public program recordings
  • Jung in the World – interviews by Patricia Martin with Jungian Analysts and a variety of professionals whose work is impacted by Jungian Psychology
  • Healing Cinema – analysis of film by Daniel Ross and Judith Cooper
  • Jungian Ever After – analysis of fairy tales by Adina Davidson and Raisa Cabrera

Online audio and video courses will soon be up on a new, user-friendly platform, and Continuing Education Credits will be offered for mental health professionals.

Our highly respected Analytic Training Program (ATP) has a large and gifted group of students, and the two-year intensive for therapists and non-therapists (Jungian Psychotherapy and Jungian Studies Program, JPP/JSP) resumed in person after a year online. Consultation groups for therapists and Public Programs will resume in January, and we are planning a Community Day to be held on March 18, 2023, where JPP/JSP graduate and Publisher of Chiron Books, Steve Buser, MD, will speak about the work of Marie-Louise von Franz. The evening before there will be reunions of JPP/JSP cohorts.

Our analysts and candidates are not only clinicians but also scholars who write articles and books and teach internationally. Our community is enriched by those of you from other disciplines and passionate interests. Our newsletter will feature information about the activities of all our members. (Send your news just as you want it printed to newsletter@jungchicago.org.)

In these challenging times, I am grateful for our community, with our shared values of respect for differences, holding the tension of the opposites, tolerating the unknown, attending to the unconscious (dreams) for a compensatory view, the wish to become more fully ourselves, and the joy of knowing we can continue to develop, or individuate, throughout our lifespans.

Interest in Jung’s work and Jungian-oriented therapy have been growing worldwide, and there are already indications that our Chicago community is expanding.  Growth in numbers for its own sake is never our goal:  we want to get the word out to people who are dedicated to “living from the depths,” as Jung put it in the Red Book. It is important to have a place to meet and a platform to share art, scholarship, and interests. We need community now more than ever.

If you agree and want to join us in supporting this goal, please a make a donation now, wholeheartedly and generously!


Dyane N. Sherwood, Ph.D.


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