Reading the Images in Jung’s Red Book



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Mary Dougherty, MFA, ATR, NCPsyA & Barbara Friedman, PhD. 2 hours 33 minutes. Video & Audio Download.

Topics: Active Imagination, CG Jung, Religion & Spirituality, Self and Self-Psychology.

Reading the Images in Jung’s Red Book

Through Jung’s process of making his visual images, the realm of energy organizing fields, which he later called archetypes, took phenomenal form. For Jung, these images became the mediators between the archetypal and the material worlds.

In the Red Book, Jung describes how he discovered the necessity of giving form to these energies in order to separate from them as well as to interact with them. Thus the ego or will becomes a player and the individual no longer falls victim to the control of these powerful forces.  The process of giving our moods visual form brings them here where we can grapple with them, making the struggle conscious and allowing choice to become possible.

In this seminar, participants will explore the method and purpose of Jung’ image making process as a way to deepen their own understanding of his use of image in the formation of his psychological theory and the individuation process.

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Part of the series Jung’s Red Book.


Learning Objectives
This lecture is intended to help you:

1)  To gain an understanding of how an image can function to mediate archetypal energies.
2)  To gain a greater understanding of the archetypal dimension of individuation.
3)  To learn ways to incorporate archetypal understandings into clinical practice.

Mary Dougherty, MFA, ATR, NCPsyA is a Jungian psychoanalyst and art psychotherapist in private practice in Chicago.  She is the current President of the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago and former Director of Training.  She is a contributing editor to the Journal of Jungian Theory and Practice and the Journal of Analytical Psychology and has numerous articles published on analytical psychology.  She lectures on the clinical uses of film as active imagination, and the impact of Jung’s thought upon creative development and artistic production.

Barbara Friedman, PhD is a Jungian analyst and a licensed psychologist as well as a certified addictions counselor and a certified Yoga Instructor. She has devoted many years to the study of spiritual wisdom traditions. She is the author of “Partners in Healing: Redistributing the power in the Counselor Client Relationship” and has published many articles on Analytical Psychology.  She is a founding member of the C. G.  Jung Educational Center of Cleveland, and has a private practice in Chicago, Illinois and Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

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Dougherty, Mary & Friedman, Barbara

Mary Dougherty, MFA, ATR, NCPsyA

Mary Dougherty, MFA, ATR, NCPsyA, is a Jungian psychoanalyst and art psychotherapist in private practice in Chicago. She is former President, Director of Training, and chair of the Program Committee of the Jung Institute of Chicago, former President of Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts, and served for eight years on the Executive Committee of the Council of North American Societies of Jungian Analysts. She is contributing editor to the Journal of Jungian Theory and Practice and has numerous publications in Analytical Psychology. She lectures on the clinical implications of gender, the use of active imagination, and on the impact of Jung’s thought upon creative development and artistic production. As a printmaker and performance artist she exhibited nationally and internationally, with venues including The George Eastman House, NY; Franklin Furnace, NYC; University of Chicago; Museo Contemporaneo, Sao Paolo. In 2001, she was awarded the ‘Lifetime Achievement in the Arts” award by the Chicago Women’s Caucus for the Arts.

Barbara Friedman, PhD

Barbara Friedman, Ph.D., is a Jungian analyst and licensed clinical psychologist. She is also a certified addictions counselor and yoga instructor. Her studies have included many years of Buddhist practice as well as other Eastern meditative traditions. She completed five years of training at the Gestalt Institute of Greater Cleveland in individual, group and intimate systems work. Barbara is the author of Partners in Healing: Redistributing the Power in the Counselor Client Relationship. Her community service includes The Cuyahoga County Drug Abuse services Board and The C. G.  Jung Educational Center of Cleveland, where she was a founding member. After years of service in addictions and mental health agencies, Barbara moved into private practice. She sees individual, couples and small groups in Chicago, Illinois. She defines her mission as advocating change in the power dynamic, between people and within the psyche, so that each of us can live out our truest and fullest nature.  



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