Water is Life, Not Just a Commodity: Jung and the Native American Soul

2 hours 22 minutes



Water is Life, Not Just a Commodity: Jung and the Native American Soul

Water is life – mni wiconi (Lakota/Dakota language). This was one of the truths spoken by water protectors from around the world who stood with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in 2016 against the Dakota Access Pipeline project going through their water source and sacred lands. Right here in the Midwest in recent years we have experienced the Flint water crisis and a major Enbridge oil spill in the Kalamazoo River in Michigan. Yet to many others, water is simply a commodity or, at best, a resource.

This presentation will explore the archetype of water especially from an indigenous view, as well as conflicts over how water is viewed and used. We will use film and video clips, music, poetry, and experiential activities to engage in an exploration of our own views of water – bright, dark, and shadow – in order to explore our own need for creative flow and integration of spirit and matter.

It was recorded on November 3, 2017.

PowerPoint: The Slides are included in the download.

Videos: Video links are in the PowerPoint.

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Suggested Reading
Background on the Dakota Access Pipeline (PDF)
– Deloria, Vine Jr. (2016). C.G. Jung and the Sioux Traditions. New Orleans: Spring Journal, Inc.
– Gustafson, Fred R. (1997). Dancing between two worlds: Jung and the Native American soul. Mahweh, NJ: Paulist Press.
– Nichols, Wallace J. (2014). Blue Mind. New York: Little, Brown and Co.

Learning Objectives
Listeners will be able to:
1)  Identify the indigenous (Native American) view of matter, particularly water, and contrast it with the Western view;
2)  Define Jung’s view of the importance of spirit and matter and integrating the two for psychological health and maturity;
3)  Reflect on several experiential activities regarding their own views of water and the spirit/matter opposites; and
4)  Apply their reflections to clinical work with clients who may come from different political, religious, or ethnic views on spirit and matter.

Sara Sage, MS, LPC, LMHC is a licensed mental health counselor and teacher from Elkhart, Indiana, who focuses her work on mindfulness, Jungian psychology, and a connection to the natural world. She is a 2014 graduate of the Clinical Training Program at the C G Jung Institute of Chicago and a member of the Institute’s Board.

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Sage, Sara (Senior Candidate)

Sara Sage, MS, LMHC Contact ssagein@gmail.com 574-214-4912 FAX: 574-966-1363 Website sarasagecounseling.com Main Office 6910 N Main St #12a Granger, IN 46530 MAP



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