McGrew, Laura

Laura McGrew, MA, LCPC has been an analyst for over 30 years, and practices in Evanston and Chicago. Laura received a BA in 1963 in Liberal Arts from Northwestern University where she studied English Literature. She went on to receive her MA in 1978 in Communication Science at Governors State University, where she specialized in groups: Theories and Practice. In 1989, she received her Diploma as a Jungian Analyst from the Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts and went on to become an active member of the Chicago Institute, becoming chair of the Board of Trustees of the Chicago Institute in 1994. When the Institute separated into two entities, she became chair of the Board of the newly named “C. G. Jung Center”, and has served on the Board as a member through 2014. Laura now serves as a Board Member Emeritus of the C. G. Jung Center. In addition to serving on the Board, Laura is a volunteer at the Clinic and also presents Public Programs.

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