Entitlement: Intolerance of Shame

Speaker: Compaan, Arlo
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Arlo Compaan, PhD. 56 minutes. Video & Audio Download.

Topics: Archetypes, Ritual and Initiation, Trauma.

Entitlement: Intolerance of Shame

In the work with trauma, excessive entitlement is often a shadow element.  It reveals the ego’s developmental struggle to modify other world (archetypal) expectations in order to live well with human world limitations.  This presentation will explore how the development of shame tolerance modulates excessive entitlement.  The challenge for therapists is to tolerate personal inadequacy feelings and to receive and hold the client’s projected shame.  When shame feelings are tolerated, honored and respected, boundaries between the shameless divine and the shameful human worlds are maintained and excessive entitlement modulates. 

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The symposium Trauma and the Soul includes the following lectures:

Navigating the Labrynth of Affect and Defense - Donald Kalsched, PhD

Entitlement: Intolerance of Shame - Arlo Compaan, PhD

The Balance Between Collaboration and Intervention - Mary Jo Barrett, MSW

We are All on Fire: The Inevitable Trauma of Human Life - Barbara Friedman, PhD

- Panel discussion moderated by Steve Martz, DMin

Dr. Compaan is a training psychoanalyst and a licensed clinical psychologist.  He was initially trained in pastoral psychology, which qualified him for the psychology license.  He is certified as a fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and is a member of the American Psychological Association.  He was trained and certified as a clinical member and an approved supervisor in marriage and family systems theory by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.  Most recently he was certified as a Diplomate Psychoanalyst in Analytical Psychology by the International Association of Analytical Psychology. He was the Director of Training for the Chicago Jung Institute’s Analytical Training Program and served on the Board of Directors of the Institute.  He has been a co-director of the Jungian Psychotherapy Program.  He has worked as a psychotherapist for 35 years.  During that time he taught undergraduate psychology for 5 years and many graduate courses in psychotherapy field at different graduate institutions in the Chicago area. He served as an executive director of a non-for-profit counseling agency for 9 years and co-directed another couseling agency for 20 years. He maintains a practice in the Chicago Loop and in Frankfort, IL.  He provides supervision/consultation and analysis in his offices and by the internet. 

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